Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Wonder Under, Bondaweb, Vsieflix - Painted Paper

What do you do with the paper off the back of your Bondaweb after you have painted it and used in some really creative manner. I had piles of paper I saved all of which had paint left on it. I decided to try to make use of this and here are the results. The first picture shows the paper after I added a nappy liner coloured with Shiva Sticks and then heated so it adhered to the paper. I then stamped it and sprinkled embossing powder and heated it again. The second picture shows a pile of paper beads made from the Bondaweb paper with some embossing (done as described above) on the outside .
I am now going to give some further thought to how else this paper can be used

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Doreen G said...

I knew I had been saving those papers for some reason