Monday, 14 May 2012

Metal lace in Australia

Writing about metal structure surrounding the Ministry of Culture and Communications in Paris in my last post brought to mind the use of metal lace in buildings in Australia. First examples that came to mind were the terrace houses in inner city Sydney and Melbourne building in the late 19 century. When these houses were built wrought iron lace was very popular and much use was made of it in their decoration. These houses continue to be very popular and fetch good prices in the real estate market.

The following link will tell you all about them.

Then I tried to think of some examples of modern metal lace but the only one of I could think of was the Australian Coat of Arms that sits above the main entrance to Parliament House in Canberra. It is made from stainless steel and made specifically for the building which opened in 1988.  You can see a photo of the Coat of Arms at

It seems ironic, when comparing the metal structure on the a traditional building in Paris with the metal structure on a modern building in Australia, the Australian metal lace has a traditional feel while that of the traditional building in Paris has a modern feel to it.