Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dyeing on Line

I have had another creative splurge with dyeing and felting. I have been experimenting dyeing both fabric and wool tops in similar colours but using different types of dyes. I used Procion for the fabric and acid milling dyes for the wool tops. The wool tops didn''t turn out as dark as I would have liked and I think that is because it didn't get hot enough during the heating proces. Despite that I do like the colours. One is a lovely soft mottled pink with a slight green tinge while the other is green and yellow although the colours are not as muddied as the first length. The second and third pictures show the fabrics and after dyeing. The first and last pictures show the fabrics (the smaller pieces)after felting using the wool tops. The large piece of fabric is silk and I don't think I will felt that although what I will do with it I am not sure.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Cards made from my papers

Following on from my last post I was asked what I do with the papers. I usually make gift cards that I decorate with a piece of a paper. I do this by looking at the larger papers and finding areas that are suggestive, in an abstract sort of way, of something for example, under the sea or in the night sky or just sections that I find interesting or appealing to me. Then cut this piece out and find a card or card stock and backing paper and make a card from this. Here is an example of a card I made from an paper I made a while back. It has a water colour and ink background that I then over printed several times with monoprints made from acrylic paints.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Latest papers

I am finally over my virus and have gone beserk trying new ways to make papers. I looked back through my Cloth Paper Scissors and found an article by Ruth Issett in Issue No 10. The first three pictures are papers based on crumbling brown paperand painting it with lustres and metallic powders mixed with acrylic medium and then painting it with inks. Number four uses gel medium and lusters mixed together and painted on watercolour paper. It was then over stamped. Number fiveis something I made up using Ruth's idea of coloured gel medium on black paper but after drying I then sprayed it with Ink Refresher and painted it with pearl ex powder paste and sprayed that with water letting the colours run.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Chillis and tomatoes

Do you like chillis? Each year we grow a crop of chillis for using in cooking during the coming months. My husband turns them into mush adding salt and vinegar to perserve them. We also grow lots of tomatoes and coriander. They make a great photo I think. They must be inspiration for some future work.


I have finally started getting my act together after feeling rotten for the past several weeks and today was certainly a good start in the right direction when I received these two beautiful ATCs from Debbie Baker. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as me.
I must apologise for the photo - my camera seems to be doing things I don't want it too and I don't know why. I took this picture the right way up but somehow the camera has a mind of its own and put them sideways. I changed them in the Picassa program but when I upload them to the blog they change back. Any clues why?

Before I became ill I had been making some ATCs (some textile and some paper arts) and was wondering if anyone would like to swap with me. I have about 10 textile and 10 paper arts ones so first in first served.