Friday, 26 June 2009


As part of the course I am doing I had to make a stencil. To do this I downloaded a photo of a wrought iron window grill and printed it out. I then cut around the part of the picture I wanted to use and then traced that onto freezer paper. Once the stencil was made I placed it on black paper and sprayed it with Moon Shadow Mist (see the second picture). I also used the stencil for other activities and when I was finished it looked almost like wrought iron itself. I then rubbed it with oil pastels, more spraying and goldfinger rub on. Finally I found the white backing of an old dinner napkin that I had used to soak up left over paint and put it under the stencil. This is the finished stencil in picture one. I thought they both finished up quite well although they look quite different from each other.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Collage Patisseries

I love taking photos of the patisserie shop windows in Paris and have been experimenting with using them as a basis for my art work. This collage was made using magazine pages cut into small pieces and glued to make the pastries. The background was done with soft pastels, shaded in to give perspective and depth. I was quite pleased with end result.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Background for Embroidery

Another of my projects over the past couple of weeks has been to make this background. I painted a piece of Vsieflix (Bondaweb) with acrylic paint and when it was dry ironed it to a piece of dark purple felt. I then took pieces of different coloured organza and cut them into strips and turned the heat gun on them to distort into small and odd shapes. I then arranged them on the vsieflix and ironed them on. I then covered all this with a piece of white organza. Then I used the heat gun to burn back the white organza. Finally I ironed a chiffon scarf over the top. I have yet to decide exactly what embroidery I will do but I think it will be a landscape type of thing.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Here is a piece of work I did for my creative sketchbooks course. It is a collage made using my hand coloured paper torn up into little pieces. I drew the birds on paper and used Japanese brush and inks to paint the branches. Then I glued the coloured pieces of paper onto the drawings. It was a really good thing to do and I am going to take this idea further in the next few weeks.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Faux Encaustic ATCs

Now that my digital camera has returned from its trip to England (along with my husband) I have been busy taking photos of things I have done over the last couple of weeks. One of these is making ATCs using the faux encaustic technique by covering the bottom of an old iron with aluminium foil and drawing on the foil with wax crayons.
A few weeks ago our Paper Arts Group had experimented with this technique and I decided to do more, this time, on black paper to see the effect. Here is the finished product.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

More Necklaces

I have also been busy making coloured papers but I cannot show any at the moment because my husband has gone to England for a couple of weeks and taken the digital camera with him. I shall have to wait until he returns before I can photograph and then post them. In the meantime here are several more of the necklaces I have been making.