Friday, 26 June 2009


As part of the course I am doing I had to make a stencil. To do this I downloaded a photo of a wrought iron window grill and printed it out. I then cut around the part of the picture I wanted to use and then traced that onto freezer paper. Once the stencil was made I placed it on black paper and sprayed it with Moon Shadow Mist (see the second picture). I also used the stencil for other activities and when I was finished it looked almost like wrought iron itself. I then rubbed it with oil pastels, more spraying and goldfinger rub on. Finally I found the white backing of an old dinner napkin that I had used to soak up left over paint and put it under the stencil. This is the finished stencil in picture one. I thought they both finished up quite well although they look quite different from each other.

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