Thursday, 4 June 2009

More Necklaces

I have also been busy making coloured papers but I cannot show any at the moment because my husband has gone to England for a couple of weeks and taken the digital camera with him. I shall have to wait until he returns before I can photograph and then post them. In the meantime here are several more of the necklaces I have been making.


smarcoux said...

Hi there ... thanks for following my blog and I wondered how you stumbled upon it? looking forward to seeing more of your work
Sandy :)
Dangling by a thread

Purple Missus said...

Ooh, maybe I could have met your husband too? :)
Pearl is having a great time - albeit a tad cold. But at least the sun was shining when we met up and it had stopped raining.
There is nothing quite like the english weather. *LOL*


I love your blog background Suzanne, it's so pretty. I can imagine you are feeling a little frustrated without the camera but hopefully you will have lots of goodies to show us on your hubby's return. Have a great weekend, best wishes, Carolyn