Sunday, 21 June 2009

Background for Embroidery

Another of my projects over the past couple of weeks has been to make this background. I painted a piece of Vsieflix (Bondaweb) with acrylic paint and when it was dry ironed it to a piece of dark purple felt. I then took pieces of different coloured organza and cut them into strips and turned the heat gun on them to distort into small and odd shapes. I then arranged them on the vsieflix and ironed them on. I then covered all this with a piece of white organza. Then I used the heat gun to burn back the white organza. Finally I ironed a chiffon scarf over the top. I have yet to decide exactly what embroidery I will do but I think it will be a landscape type of thing.


Doreen G said...

Absolutely beautiful Suzanne

Judith said...

This looks a very interesting technique.Hope to see pics of completed project with the embroidery.

Odile said...

I like this background. Color is beautifull and I hope to see the embroidery soon.