Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Paper Art

One of my interests is creating papers that I use to create cards. Over the last few days I have made a few different ones - just for the fun of it. This is an example of one of these papers. It has been made by with a paper serviette glued on a painted gesso back ground. Then I stamped an image on top and embossed that with embossing powder. As you can see because of the uneven surface the stamp image was not precise and this was the effect I was looking for. I just wanted to highlight the flower without covering it over.
My general technique is to use watercolour paper which I cover with gesso - back and front and leave to dry. Then I use either acrylic paint or watercolour and paint over the gesso - any colour or combination of colours and leave to dry again. Then I use drop paint onto the base colour (or you can put dip your stamps into acrylic paints and leave a series of marks (or any kind or description) and leave this to dry. From this point on you can stamp with pigment inks, or glue serviettes onto the surface. You can emboss where you have stamped or spray walnut ink over the surface or any combination of these.

Finally you can use gold finger or treasure gold to highlight surface uneveness to give it life .



Doreen G said...

This looks fantastic Suzanne.

Margaret S said...

Is that a poppy head I can see, I also love creating new surfaces be it on paper or fabric, a combination of both can also be so effective I find.