Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Puff purses

Over the time I have been absent from the embroidery blogging world I have been working on making what I call "puff purses".  They are only small, usually fitted with an 9-11 centimetre metal purse frame,           
and occasionally with even smaller frames.

I use my own hand dyed fabrics, laces, braids, ribbons and even the threads can be dyed by me although I have to admit that I mostly buy the threads because I fear if I use my own too often there will be too much conformity.  I have my favourite thread suppliers who do dye their own threads and these seem to complement my own dyed bits and pieces.

I never commence with a plan or design for a purse but rely on finding inspiration from the bits and pieces that go together well and ideas that are floating in my head at the time. In this case I was inspired by a small piece of embroidery I used in something else.

The last few purses have included suffolk puffs that I then embellish as I add them to the base work.  I also use a beads to highlight and glitter the embroidery.  Here is one purse.  Picture 1 shows the embroidery when completed but before it is put on the frame.  Pictures 2 and 3 show each side of the purse after it is completed.

Sorry about the photography I am no expert and have changed both cameras and computers since I last did digital photography and it shows.

Hope you enjoy the work

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