Sunday, 22 March 2009

Photo expedition with Doreen

Doreen has already written in her blog Creative Meanderings about the really lovely day we had at Bredbo taking photographs. You can see Doreen here along with my photos of fences. I had a fixation on them that day. They really are good means to provide perspective in a picture. I hope to do an embroidery with a fence in it. Bredbo is a small town about an hour's drive from Canberra an although so so dry as you can see from these pictures the ambience was beautiful. So quiet, just the sounds of birds and a lovely light breeze blowing and the warmth of autumn in the air. Doreen bought a delicious salad for lunch. It was a great day.


Purple Missus said...

Well I never! I didn't realise you were the Suzanne that Doreen referred to.
Lucky you living close enough to spend the day with her. :)

Joei Rhode Island said...

I too didn't realize you were The Suzanne. How wonderful that is to have a friend that loves fiber (and is as sweet as Doreen).
I like the second picture...with the clouds shooting across the sky and the fence showing perspective to a pin point.

Doreen G said...

You know I reckon I am lucky to have a friend like you Suzanne -so that we can go off on our own and play with whatever takes our fancy.

lizzie said...

Oh those fences! You know how much I fell in love with them and they appeared in lots of my Australian series