Thursday, 8 January 2009

Determination still on track

This is a photo I took in the grounds of Blenheim Palace in November 2008. It was a great time of the year to get some beautiful colours and reflections in the photos.
So far (it is only a week) I have kept my new years resolution. I have finished the first module of the Creative Sketchbooks course and sent the material for checking. I am not very sure how well I have done so it will be interesting to see the outcome. Aside from this I have been doing some family history research and have been corresponding with a second cousin I had no idea existed until this week. She has done a lot of work and even sent me pictures of my great great great grandfather who came to Australia in 1839. I am hoping that what I learn from the creative sketchbooks I can use in connection with my family history research, though that, I think is a long way off.


Doreen G said...

What a wonderful photo Susan

lizzie said...

This is a great photo Sue, mouth watering in fact